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PDF is considered one of the most versatile file formats when it comes to accessing your documents on various devices. It is also great for viewing and sharing files between Mac, Windows and Android users. In fact, there is no difference which operating system you use to open a PDF file. However, when you want to have an editable document with possibility to move and adjust text and graphic elements, DOCX format proves to be a more convenient solution. AltoConvertPDFtoWord.com enables you to save your time by changing any of your PDFs into the Word format in a few simple steps.

Platform-independent. Secure. Always at your convenience

Most of the free converters available on the web are downloadable applications. Using them usually requires extra free space on your hard drive which might be a problem for mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. With downloadable apps, you have to be aware of annoying ads and harmful software installed on your device without your permission. Some of the apps require access to your data and device tools. Needless to say that it puts in danger the safety of your personal information.

There’s no need to download or install anything when an online platform is used. Our service uses encrypted offsite servers to store information which protects your files from unauthorized access. All the documents you process via our conversion tool are deleted from the server as soon as the work is done.

It requires just a few seconds to add your PDF file(s) to the www.altoconvertpdftoword.com free web tool. Besides, the interface is intuitive enough to be used by everybody, regardless of their computer skills and experience. It is equally convenient for both beginners and professionals seeking new ways to enhance their workflow.

When it comes to differences between the two formats, transforming your PDFs to Word brings you certain advantages:

  • Extract any image from your PDF and reuse it for a new purpose. DOCX files can contain both bitmap and vector images. You are always able to scale and adjust them according to the desired page layout.
  • Write, rewrite and make all sorts of text edits.
  • Use spell-checking, grammar-checking, or thesaurus, and improve the quality of your content.
  • Edit document formatting. Adjust borders, alignments, line spacings, font sizes and colors, all with powerful Word tools.
  • Use intuitive formatting and compositional tools for better document editing.

Learn the easiest way to streamline your business workflow

Start working with your documents online right now and make sure https://www.altoconvertpdftoword.com is the most convenient web application available. There are just a few simple steps required to turn your PDF into a Word compatible document in DOCX format:

  • Press ‘Choose File’ to upload files from your desktop or mobile device, drag and drop them into the box, or import them from a cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.).
  • After your file is attached, click the orange button below to convert it or delete PDF and start over.
  • After the conversion is accomplished, you may download the resulting DOCX file instantly or press ‘Work on your PDF’ and choose what else you’d like to do with it.
  • Click one of the cloud storage icons to save the item to your Google Drive or Dropbox folder.
  • Edit documents online, sign them electronically, email or fax them to your colleagues.


There are many other features you can apply to your documents. Add annotations, use electronic signatures, erase PDF text, and do many other things. Enjoy using unlimited storage space and keep your documents in one place. Invite your co-workers and business partners to work on the same document jointly. Contact the support team if you need assistance.

Over two million users all around the world choose our service to convert their PDF documents online every year. AltoConvertPDFtoWord is powerful, secure and reliable. It provides its customers with a great number of up-to-date editing tools and is a fully functional digital workflow solution.